Michelle B. Robnett, PLLC – Firm Profile

My law practice is focused entirely on helping families with the management of their assets and caring for their loved ones, both during lifetime, in periods of incapacity, and at death.  I specifically practice in the areas of estate planning, wealth transfer taxation (estate, gift and generation skipping transfer taxes), entity formation, trust administration and probate.  On September 1, 2009, I opened the doors of my own law office in Edmond, Oklahoma, where I offer my clients personal attention and the individualized care and service their projects deserve.  The greatest benefit I can provide my clients is peace of mind.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that starts with listening to clients to understand their individual goals, hopes and desires for handling their assets and caring for their loved ones.  An array of simple and complex estate planning tools and techniques is available, including wills, revocable (or living) trusts, life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, intentionally defective grantor trusts, gifting, post-mortem planning, plus many others.  Understanding my client’s goals enables me to craft a comprehensive estate plan based upon that client’s wishes and family situation.  No estate is too small or too large, nor is it too early or too late, to think about estate planning.  Sometimes the biggest considerations are not the extent or value of the assets but providing for minor children or family members with special needs.

Trust Administration/Probate

When a death occurs, families can count on me to efficiently and effectively work with them to administer and settle the affairs of the estate.  Whether the assets are in trust or must be probated, I work closely with trustees and personal representatives to advise them about their obligations as a fiduciary, represent them in probate court, and guide them through the administration of the estate, including the filing of estate tax returns.  I also represent the family members of nonresident decedents in probating Oklahoma assets, including mineral interests.

For more information about estate planning, probate or estate administration, contact me by phone, (405) 285-5817, or by e-mail, michelle@robnettlaw.com.